Are you looking for something new? Do you want to make new friends around here?
If yes, this is a perfect group for you!

Let’s enjoy language and cultural exchange in Fukaya!

We created this group due to the restriction of current circumstances.
Probably many of you know, there are lots of cultural exchange activities in Tokyo, but not here. This is another big reason to create this community.

We organize offline event in Ario mall Fukaya where public facilities are, the event will be held Thursday evening once a month.

Participation fee: ¥500 (Free for the first time)
Eligible participant:
– Those who can participate independently (approximate: 16 years old or older)
– Live in Fukaya or work in Fukaya. (Ii case you’re not living or working in Fukaya, please contact us in advance)

*Note* Please carefully read following FunCakey rules and Guideline for preventing COVID-19 Infection before participating.

Regarding FunCakey rules

  • Respect and be kind to others.

The following acts are prohibited in FunCakey;
– Eating and drinking inside the room. (It is the rule of Ario)
– Asking contacts even though the others are not willing to do so.
– Talking about religion and political topics and recruiting for those.
– Sales talk about goods and services including forcing participants to join any network business.
– Conversations and acts about anything perceived as discrimination or make uncomfortable in any way.
(ex. discriminatory remarks and attitude, insulting other participants, sexual harassment, …etc)

  • and…have fun!

FunCakey Guideline for preventing COVID-19 Infection-

・Please wear a mask.
・The temperature will be measured when you enter the room.
・Please keep a distance of 1 meter from others.
・In the hall, we will always open the window for ventilation
・We will try to disinfect the parts that everyone touches in a timely manner.

*FunCakey staff check the physical condition based on the temperature measurement, and if any of us have a fever or a cold, he or she will not participate.

*People who fall under the following categories cannot enter.
・Those who measured the body temperature before admission and displayed 37°C or higher.
・Person who met COVID-19 infected person or person suspected of being infected within the past month.
・People who have cough, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, malaise, joint pain, dysgeusia, abdominal pain, diarrhea.