1st “Fukaya Salsa Salud!” Join now!

Hello everyone!
Please check below details for “Fukaya Salsa Salud!” 🙂

※Salsa dance is well known for pair dance but due to COVID-19 circumstances though, we only prepare salsa shine menu for the moment.

【Date】9/11(Fri) 19:30~20:45 
【Location】Ario Fukaya 3rd floor, Multipurpose room(多目的室 tamokuteki-shitu)
【Capacity】Maximum 12 people(Minimum 3 people)
【Fee】Free for the first time and children under 12. If this is second time to participate to this event, please pay 500yen through “Paypay” at the door.

【What to prepare】
・Be ready to have fun
・Surgical mask!!
・Clothes that are easy to move
・Dance shoes or indoor shoes
・A sweat towel and a plastic bag to put it in
・Plastic bag for outside shoes
・Clothes for after dancing

【How to book this event】
Please fill in the form linked from the button below.
※Before you book, please read FunCakey rules and Guideline for preventing COVID-19.
※Once you book the event, we will regard that as your agreement

3rd : 8/11 (Thur) 19:30~20:45 <Door open>19:15

If you have any question, please contact us!