EVENT REPORT! November – Waiwai Language Exchange in Fukaya 8th

Thank you for coming!!

For the participants: please output what you learned in the Waiwai language exchange on social media or use it with your friends or family. Some people had practiced what they learned last time! That’s great♪

Since we have more regular members, we did the “introduce others” in pairs instead of doing “self introduction” this time! I think everyone has a deeper understanding of the others now.

After that, we talked one-on-one. I feel that it is the most exciting part for everyone ^ ^

At last, we divided participants into three groups: “free conversation” table where you can practice conversation, “Japanese” table where you can learn Japanese, and “phrase practice” table where you can learn basic English expressions!

We are planning to hold next event in the same way, but if you have any request, please send us your opinion or ideas through LINE♪

Everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced level, so if you are considering, please feel free to come:)


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